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We're a group for fans of the Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America pairing Tony Stark/Steve Rogers (Iron Man/Captain America).
Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 20, 2011


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2,482 Members
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:iconomano-chan:: won our second contest with her entry: Stony_The hardships of loving you... by omano-chan

Name: Fruzsi or Omano

Date of Birth: 18.08.1992

Current Residence: Budapest, Hungary (since forever)

Favorite TV Shows/movies/anime/books?

Uhh... they are always so hard to list.
Favourite shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Merlin, Criminal Minds and the Mentalist
Movies: Avengers, Iron Man, Wonder boys (I prefer the book though), Sherlock Holmes I should probably enlist here something without RDJ too... umm... X-men First Class and Now You See Me.
About books I've already mentioned Wonder boys by Michael Chabon and I also love The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas, Pride and Prejudice and a Hungarian poet János Arany - The Death of Buda is my biggest favourite :)

What inspires you to draw?

It mostly depends on what I'm drawing. Music. Mostly. It helps with the feelings and mood and sometimes when I catch a part of the lyrics and can't get it out of my head - well, that's a great and sometimes painful inspiration. Also things I read can be very inspiring or other artworks I see. They help with the motivation to try new things and pay more attention to details or change my style because it's horrendous ^^;

How long have you been drawing?

Ever since I know my mind :) I started with the good old traditional whole-page suns and I just didn't give them up in school after I learnt how to write :aww:

What advice do you have for those other artists out there?

Keep on arting! Never stop! With practice you can always become better. You can't expect to draw something perfectly for the first try. What is more important: if it makes you feel better - who cares that you're not like someone else? You need inspiration - this is why other/ better people are needed. Creating your art helps you to get amazing friends and also to be nice to others, not to mention to get you over the moodswings. Art is the best medicine :)

Any other characters you would pair Tony or Steve up with?

Oh dear, do you want me to start on this?
I would probably pair Tony up with everyone! Well, not actually everyone, but very close. Pepper, Loki, Bruce, Thor, Clint, Coulson, Rhodey sometimes, oh and Bucky! My newest fave pairing with Tony :blush:.... ehh... I'll just stop here ^^;
about Steve... I can see why people pair him up with Bucky, but I still prefer them as BFFs, but I've seen a great fic with Steve and Loki, and ever since I can't get that out of my head. Sometimes with Natasha maybe and Howard but I just prefer him with Tony ^^

What are your fave Marvel/DC pairings?

Tony/Steve, Tony/Loki and Tony/Bucky.
Umm, I think since yesterday I also ship Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr (how can he exist with this name?! >.<)

How long have you been a fan of Tony/Steve?

A little bit after I first saw the Avengers and got over the first huge wave of Frostiron and saw the first fanarts and fanfics about these two. I think I fell around the fist half of July last year. wow, it's a whole year now! :wow: However it took me 'till August to get my first fanart of them done.

In the pairing of Tony/Steve who is the dominant one for you?

Steve! :D
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Hi guys i was thinking
Remember those fanfics i was writing? well i would like an opinion if i should finish it or start a new one??
Help me out.
if you haven't read it yet, here:
Leave the lies to the liars 1:WARNING:Steve relaxed on the couch in the all new Avengers tower. He had noted that even after a month of the building being finished; Tony Stark was still putting the finishing touches on the tower, though honestly this was the least of Steve's concerns. He still had his mind set on how he had woken up, a few short hours ago.
Because, just a few hours ago, Steve had found himself waking up in Tony's bed. Tony Stark, the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and not only was he in Tony's bed, he was wrapped around him. He had his arms around him and legs intertwined with Tony's. Trying to slip away from that was complicated but he had managed to do so, without waking the sleeping genius.
Steve sat there and thought, the same thought continuing to run through his mind. How in the world did he manage to get into that position?
~About a month earlier~
"Cap't." Tony muttered under his breath as he had passed by the solider, walking towards his blue prints. He kept his head down and he would

Leave the lies to the liars 2With a small yawn, Steve opened his eyes, his room was dark, and he felt awkward...almost out of place. What was that warmth he felt beside him?
Without a second thought, Steve looked over to see a sleeping genius beside him. His brown hair slightly ruffled...His breathing just perfect.. Oh god... what has happened?
Steve quietly sat up, leaning over to Tony, and as he did, Tony opened his eyes and stared up at the captain. His brown eyes where mesmerizing as Steve leaned down, as he did this, Tony sat up to meet his kiss, their lips began to touch, Steve was blushing, and he placed his hand onto Tony's bare chest...sliding his hand down...down...dow..."Sir!"
"Sir! You're being requested!" JARVIS spoke out louder.
Steve's eyes quickly snapped open and he sat up with a small gasp. He was in his room, in the Avengers tower. Oh thank god... That was no more than a dream.
Though, almost too quickly Steve jumped from his bed, realizing he was wearing his clothes he fell asleep in. He quickl
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